SolKine is an all-natural sun barrier made from a blend of organic botanical oils and butters. It nourishes the skin with natural moisturizers, protects the skin with a non-nano zinc oxide barrier and resists water with just the right amount of beeswax. There are a variety of color options, derived from naturally occurring pigments, for fun and added assurance that your loved ones are covered.
The SolKine brand name translates loosely to the 'natural kind of sun protection'. Da ‘kine’ is an expression in Hawaiian Pidgin derived from "the kind" and the word ‘sol’ translates to the word sun. 
The main brand colors are Coconut Brown and Ocean Blue. The extended color palette includes Lobster Orange, Sunset Gold, and Bay Turquoise. The color palette was inspired by the vibrant colors found throughout the Hawaiian Islands and among the coral reefs.
The elements of packaging include a wave pattern which represents both the ocean and the organic nature of the product. While the watercolor backgrounds, rendered in misty blue and sunset orange, reflect the natural beauty of the sky as it transitions from sunrise to sunset.
The main tagline is ‘Reef-Safe, Face-Safe, Made on Maui’. The product taglines are ‘Restorative Defense’ for the Base Coat options and ‘Colorful Sun Protection’ for the Color options. 
Two additional slogans are used throughout the brand and speak directly to the two main target audience profiles. ‘Specifically formulated for people who love to play hard in the wind, sun and waves.’ is directed at athletes, watermen and women, and outdoor enthusiasts. ‘All natural, reef-safe, Mom-tested and kid-approved sun protection!’ is directed at families and environmentally-conscious individuals.
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