SolJourn Retreats is located on Maui's north shore, home to intrepid big-wave surfers and health and environmentally-conscious individuals. Maui boasts clear oceans, cool temperatures, breezy afternoons and a laid-back, tropical lifestyle. The transformative pillars of the retreats are exploration, nourishment, creation, and rejuvenation. 
The main brand colors are Luxe Plum and Sea Glass. The extended color palette includes Plumeria, Lavender and Morning Sun. The color palette was inspired by the tropical flowers that grow wild on Maui and the sea glass treasures that wash ashore Maui’s pristine coast. The retreats are bound in nature while being luxurious in culinary delights, accommodations, artist’s workshops and spa treatments.
The main tagline is ‘Journey with Us’. The tagline references the SolJourn Guides as they lead and join you on your transformative journey. The three main target audience profiles include couples visiting Maui for a vacation or wedding ceremony, families or groups looking for an all-inclusive and guided island experience and women or solo-travelers looking to travel with like-minded, health-conscious and adventurous individuals. The yearly retreat options are designed with the three profiles in mind and there is also an option to create a custom retreat.
The sub-mark is ‘Explore, Nourish, Create, Rejuvenate’. Explore by connecting with nature through daily adventures. Nourish by developing clean and conscious eating and culinary practices. Create by crafting handmade artifacts and fine silver and sea glass jewelry. Rejuvenate by practicing yoga, journaling, praying and meditation. The customization option, in addition to the retreat pillars, differentiates SolJourn Retreats from the competitors.
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