Lilikoi Creations serves Maui and the neighboring islands. They are passionate about bringing a high-standard of quality catering and private Chef services to your dining table, beach picnic, yacht or remote bungalow. 
The Lilikoi, more commonly known as passion fruit, is a native, flowering fruit vine found throughout the Hawaiian islands. The name represents the Chef's passion for unique procurements of ingredients and unexpected food combinations. The logotype is a handwritten script that reflects the organic shape of the vine. The symbol encloses a silhouette of the island of Maui and contains the local saying, Maui-made.
The bright yellow and coral-red colors reflect the vivid assortment of locally-foraged, tropical foods and flowers used throughout the menu. Large website images showcase the Chef's artistic plating style, while a watercolor background overlayed with lilikoi flowers pay homage to traditional Hawaiian floral textiles.
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